Alcatel-Lucent Canada

Contract Programmer, 10/2007 – 1/2008
Ottawa, ON

I was contracted to enhance and extend an in house Java-based venture project. This PHP web application extended the data entry component of the Java application to increase the productivity of data entry personnel. Utilized web crawling and data entry automation via PHP connecting to PostGreSQL and Oracle 9i databases and leveraged Zend Framework (v1.3).


  1. Used Subversion for managing all project related materials and code.
  2. Designed high-usability web pages to meet the project requirements.
  3. Was in charge of integrating a 3rd party ticket tracking and knowledge base system into their in-house system.
  4. Used XHTML, CSS, and Javascript to create, modify, and debug the presentation. Some use of the Prototype and Scriptaculous Javascript frameworks/toolkits were utilized as well.
  5. Modified PHP, and PostGreSQL database to add and modify functionality and remove bugs. The application connected to an Oracle 9i database to complete the transactions.

Environment: Linux, PHP5, Java, Apache, Tomcat, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, PostGreSQL, SQL, Bash, Subversion, Zend Framework

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