Library and Archives Canada – Care of Collections – Collections Management System (CMS)

Applications Architect, 09/2008 – 05/2009
Gatineau, QC

The Collections Management System (CMS) is an integrated physical management system accessed by over 60 users. There is a web-based interface for the entire system which was developed using HTML, Javascript, CSS, Eclipse IDE, Internet Explorer 6, DOM, DHTML, Apache Web Server, Fusebox, PHP, C and Oracle 9i/10g (RDBMS), including Oracle Text for keyword searching running in a HP Tru64 Unix Clustered server environment using Storage Area Network (SAN) technology and Linux (SUSE) environment. The application architecture has 3 tiers: a presentation level tier consisting of the end user client’s web browser running HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript and DOM, a middle tier consisting of the business logic layer running PHP and C and a server tier running the Oracle database in a UNIX server environment. The system has several primary modules including Physical Management, Client Services, and Circulation working in conjunction with each other. Multiple languages are supported through a customized character set. CMS is a module of MIKAN.


  1. Use Subversion to track and manage changes to the systems being worked on. Some use of RCS on legacy code.
  2. Find and fix bugs by rewriting problematic code.
  3. Create automated unit tests to ensure robust and complete code.
  4. Design high-usability web pages to meet the project requirements.
  5. Worked inside the LAC custom framework built on top of Fusebox.
  6. Create and modify WSDLs to handle SOAP requests.
  7. Use AJAX and REST technologies to access and modify data via GUI elements.
  8. Produce, propose, and request database changes to the data management group for new and modified components.
  9. Work with XHTML and CSS on GUI pages throughout the system.

Linux, PHP5, Fusebox Framework, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, REST, Oracle 9i/10g, Bash, Subversion, RCS

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