We joined forces with Andrew Forward of to refactor and extend Arrowmight’s education assistance web application.

We worked on a new version of the client’s online student and course tracking web application. Facilitators work with distance educated students and detail progress and other related information through the application. The system also lets regional coordinators, affiliated companies, and marketing team people access progress reports and marketing information depending on user roles.


  1. Used GIT as a version system.
  2. Find and fix bugs by rewriting problematic code.
  3. Developed high usability site pages using a custom framework.
  4. Used a customized UML & RAD tool to create data models, then implemented them throughout the application.
  5. Met with clients and team members to prioritize and coordinate duties and deliverables.
  6. Work with XHTML and CSS on GUI pages throughout the system.
  7. Provided extended functionality via JQuery and AJAX.

Environment: Linux, PHP5, Eclipse IDE, JQuery, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PostGreSQL, Bash, GIT

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