Helped launch 4 new Canadian Culture Online sites.

Helped launch 4 interesting new Canadian Culture Online sub-sites today on the museum website. These sites were built using PHP, MySQL, and Zend Framework 1.11 (as a library) and are served via an IIS 7.5 web server.

  1. Cape Dorset Prints

    Inuit Prints from Cape Dorset makes Canada’s national collection of Inuit prints from Cape Dorset, in Nunavut publicly available for research, scholarship and appreciation.

  2. Canada at Play

    What is a Canadian toy? The Canadian Museum of Civilization’s extensive toy collection includes toys designed and made in Canada. The collection also includes toys made elsewhere and brought to Canada for Canadian children to enjoy.

  3. Confederation Dress

    Canadian Dress: The Confederation Era looks at how various nineteenth-century Canadians presented themselves through the clothes they wore.

  4. Cantonese Opera

    In the 1930s, the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) acquired a collection of more than 200 discs featuring songs from well-known Cantonese operas. This web module introduces many of these rare recordings, and provides background information on the music, storylines and history of one of China’s most vibrant theatrical forms.

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